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The New Church Name Vote is Tonight!

By Ryan Weiss in First Baptist Church Harvester 5 months ago | 3778 views Link:

Tonight’s the night! Are you ready to hear Pastor Bob cast the vision for our new church name? We’re praying that you come excited to listen, and that our church will passionately unify around our new name! We’ll see you tonight at 6:00 PM!

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Judy Buker

You bet!  Planning to be there.

Maria Linnertz

That was awesome!  So happy to be part of that historic vote!  Love the new name! 😃

Mike Grueter

Agree 100%. Great name to serve a greater God!

Judy Buker

What an amazing & exciting evening.  My husband & I love the new name & look forward to the future.  Thanks to an amazing team for all their hard work!  Pastor Bob, we love you.  The Bukers

Bob Ingle

Thanks everyone!! Glory be to God. I believe He led us to this name that will allow us to honor Him and reach more people with His Gospel. I love my church!!

Angie Cox

Waypoint Church

Steve Porter

Will the Wednesday meeting to rename our Church be viewable online?  Work travel prevented me from attending.  Thank You.

Bob Ingle

We’re hopeful to get it posted on the City next week Steve.

Judy Buker

Can hardly wait to see it again, even though we were there! The Bukers

Steve Porter

Thank You !!

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