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SERMON – “Come and Worship” — Summer in the Psalms, Week 10

By Ryan Weiss in Waypoint Church 3 months ago | 1505 views Link:

On August 12, Scott Grossenbacher, our Generations Pastor, preached from Psalm 100 in the tenth message of our series “Summer in the Psalms.”

You can download the notes here and watch the message below.

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Ryan Weiss

Hey everyone!

Some of you have noticed that the current video isn’t working. We had some technical difficulties with the audio yesterday after uploading the video, so we made the video private (aka un-viewable) until we can re-upload a new file with the correct audio. We’ll let everyone know when the issue has been resolved! Thanks for everyone’s patience! 

Ryan Weiss

Ok, the video has been fixed! Thanks for your patience!

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